The Czech Republic brand specialises in production of baskets, pull-out larders, magic corners, Le Mans shelves etc. Wireli offers also wardrobe accessories such as: pull-out baskets equipped with good quality slides, laundry baskets, trousers hangers, pantographes etc.
Wireli products are divided into ranges which include Wireli products and Spanish line produced by Menage Confort company. Spanish lines – Compact in case of kitchen accessories and Hogar Plus in case of wardrobe fittings are mostly equipped with Hettich slides and have extra chrome layers preventing demaging during daily use.
Wide range of wireli products for kitchen can be found in Komfort range. Baskets, pull-out larders, carousels and magic corners can be a perfect equipment for all types of kitchens. Offer consists also waste bins of all types both pull-out ones and mounted in drawers.
In case of wardrobe fittings Wireli offers pull-out baskets on three types of slides in different dimensions. They can be fitted to the cabinets width 40 to 90 cm. Additionaly, there are laundry baskets for sloping doors, hangers and pantographs.